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Mag Publications
Creative Cosplays Holiday Issue 2020
Creative Cosplays Spring 2021 Issue
Cosplay Realm Magazine Annual Holiday Issue 2020
Lv23 Magazine Issue 28 (Cover)
CosplayZine April 2021 Issue
Creative Cosplays April 2021 Issue
Creative Cosplays Spring 2021 Issue
Creative Cosplays Summer 2021 Issue
Cosplay Realm Magazine Heroes & Villains
Creative Cosplays Fall 2021 Issue
Cosplay Realm (Sep 2021) Martial Arts & Fighting
Cygnus Issue 28
CosplayZine (Sept. 2021) Cover
Creative Cosplays Mag (Sept. 2021) Mid Season
Cosplay Realm Halloween Issue 2021
Creative Cosplays Halloween Issue 2021
LV23 Magazine (Cover)
CosplayZine Holiday 2021
Creative Cosplays Mid-Season 2022
Cosplay Reams Video Game Issue (March, 2022)
Con-Artist Magazine Issue 11
Creative Cosplays Mag Summer 2022
Creative Cosplays Mag Fall 2022 No. 14

Features, Interviews, and Articles

Features Interviews

Plus random online appearances

The Nerdlings Podcast 2021
Nerd Caliber Interview 2021
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Guest blog
Comics Against Domestic Violence- Saratoga Today
Comics Against Domestic Violence- Times Union
Domestic Violence Raffle- Saratoga Today
Hipster Zombie Joint Spotlight
Comical Opinions Photo Feature
Suicide Squad Unboxing Guest
Incredichat Interview
The Sean Ward Show Feature
Television Feature 
Interview on The Strange & Wonderful
Westmore Beauty Ad

Past Conventions

past comic cons
Mid Hudson Comic Con (August 28th-29th 2021, Poughkeepsie NY)

Flower City Comic Con (September 25th-26th 2021, Rochester NY)

Saratoga Comic Con (November 20-21, Saratoga Springs NY)

Upcoming Conventions

convention schedule
Flower City Comic Con (Sept. 24-25) Guest/ Cosplay Judge
Contact me now to book me for 2022-2023 at!
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