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Harleen Makeup
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Hello There
*insert Obi Wan voice*

I'm Harleen and the CEO/Founder of Harleen Makeup Inc and Sweetheart Harley Inc. I'm a professional designer (fashion and costume), pro cosplayer, entrepreneur, student of media psychology, and woman working in STEM while also designing for movies! 


Why Did I Create Harleen Makeup?

To put it simply, I got tired. 

I got tired of buying an eyeshadow pallet with a red that ended up being pink. I got tired of searching for the perfect red lipstick that would stay on all day that was vegan and cruelty free. I got tired of employees following me around the store because they thought I was going to steal something. I got tired of being judged for the way I look and how that made an impact with how employees of makeup stores treated me. 

I've been a misfit, an outcast, and never quite fit in my whole life, so I created a makeup line for people like me. The misfits, cosplayers, artists, and outcasts. The ones who don't feel like they belong, the ones who are tired of endlessly searching for makeup while employees eye you and constantly say "let me hold that at the counter for you." The cosplayers who always have to take a break and reapply their lipstick or when they eat it has to be in a certain manner or the lipstick gets everywhere. 

I have always suffered from mental illness from anxiety, depression, ADHD, Bipolar II with hypomania, and body dysmorphia to an eating disorder that almost took my life, a debilitating panic disorder where I couldn't even stand up let alone leave my house, and the constant running thoughts that I am never good enough, never pretty enough, and just never enough. Makeup is one thing I have control over, it is an art form that I found solace in and made me feel empowered. Makeup is so much more than colors, it is carefully curated compositions that make us feel like ourselves.

Harleen Makeup is so much more than a makeup line, it is a tool to use to express yourself freely without judgement or fear, it is a safe space to drown out your demons, and it is a tool to empower you when you feel lost. 


Why Buy Harleen Makeup?

No one knows makeup better than cosplayers and I will fight for that until the day I die. We wear it or 12+ hours in hot, sweaty convention centers, shoulder to shoulder with people while wearing uncomfortable outfits and the last thing we want to do is worry about our makeup smudging, running, or coming off.  

Harleen Makeup is a makeup line created by a cosplayer, for cosplayers! 

It's not limited to costume makeup however, it is for anyone who is looking for vibrant shades that are vegan and cruelty free, the misfits who get judged in makeup stores, and for all of us who use makeup as a creative outlet to cope with mental illness. 

Harleen Makeup is all of us and I hope you choose to go on this wild ride with me.