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Insomnia Cosplay Magazine

Welcome to Insomnia Cosplay Magazine. This magazine is built for the professionals, the ones who stay up all night sewing and constructing, the ones who spend hundreds of hours a year working on their craft. This is the elite, the best at what they do, and the ultimate. 

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1st Issue- Submit Now

Submissions are open NOW for the first issue. 

We are looking for cosplayers, designers, seamstresses, prop makers, sfx artists, tutorials, articles, advertisers and more! 

Please submit your information, category, and email and we will be in contact within 72 hours for more information!

"Thank you for being a part of what I know is going to grow into a catalyst" 

-Harleen Dimopoulos

CEO, editor, and owner

Exclusive Insomnia
Cosplay Mag. Merchandise

All Insomnia Cosplay Magazine merchandise sales help to fund the first issues release!

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