Name My Pallet Colors (and more Updates!)

Hiya, hello, and good day!!

I have officially ordered Harleen Makeup products!! I am doing a small batch (10 per unit) the first run so buy them while you can!

You can get them here:

You can help me name all the colors of both pallets!! Join my discord (completely free) and go to the Harleen Makeup sub-category to give me your ideas!

Join Here:

There's a lot more on my discord where we can talk comics, cosplays, you can stay up to date on my livestream times and give me ideas for livestreams and content you want to see!

I have added summer wear into my shop including swimsuits, flip flops, shorts, crop tops and a bunch of goodies so make sure to check out the summer line here:

If you have body jewelry like I do, you can save 25% on ALL body jewelry here: or use code SWEETHEART25 at checkout!! I have been ordering from this company for years and have nothing but amazing things to say about them.

That's all the updates for me today! I promise a new podcast and youtube video are coming soon!

Check out all my social media:

Love always

Sweetheart Harley

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