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Nov 05, 2020
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Whose been keeping up with the new comic Batman Presents Harley Quinn White Knight?! I’ve gotten through the first issue and I love it so far! Please feel free to share your opinions
Harley Quinn White Knight content media
Oct 11, 2020
In General Discussions
Welcome to the forums! Feel free to introduce yourself however you feel necessary :) I'll start us off- I'm a Harley Quinn fanatic from New York and have been a life long fan. I was born 6 days before her first appearance so I grew up loving Harley. I have spent my life collecting her comics, statues, and cosplays (I jokingly call it my life's work- but it really is). I am currently a full time student going for my Bachelors of Game Design & Development which takes up 99% of my time- and in my free time I either work on cosplays, read comics, or play video games (I am a die hard World of Warcraft player). I created this website to share my love of Harley but to also educate people about her! In recent years there has been a massive surplus of Harley fans (which is AWESOME) but most newer fans only know her from the Suicide Squad movie when there is SO MUCH MORE to her! I want to create a safe space and loving community here for us to all support each other- share stories- and grow our passion for comics, collectables, and cosplays! I hope you can all make this a place to call your home <3 Sweetheart.Harley
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