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Terms & Conditions for VIP Bookings 

This package includes costume ONLY! Instead of selecting a pre designed look, create your own! Harleen will be in contact wiithin 7 days to get an idea of what you're looking for! Book your time slot to reserve this!
This is a limited service and time slot you are reserving from a professional. There is a 'no cancellation' policy, however if you do have to cancel you will not be refunded your payment (no exceptions- the artist is booking a time slot for you whether you are there are not). 
This is ONLY valid October 28th or 29th, 2023 at Rock and Oddities Con.
If you book a slot before the event starts, you are not allowed any guests in with you (regardless of age) for safety reasons of the convention center. The artist will come and bring you to her station than walk you back out. 

If your booked session is during the day- it is limited to ONE other person to accompany (they will not a costume in their size unless purchasing a package as well). 

Once you select your time slot please make sure to be there at least 5 minutes early, if you are later than 5 minutes past your scheduled time the appointment will be cancelled with no refund.

Due to time restraints this package has ONE SLOT ONLY but may change. If it is booked pleas feel free to email to see if you can book this package.

Please select the time slot you want- these are first come, first serve with no exchanges of time so double check! 

The artist may use products such as grease paint, prosthetics, spirit gum, and liquid latex. If you have a known allergy to ANY makeup or special effects products you are required to let the artist know immediately following your booking!

By agreeing to this I confirm I am in my right state of mind, understand all the information, and will be at my appointment no later than 5 minutes prior to the selected start time. I understand if I arrive more than 5 minutes late to my appointment, have to cancel, or do not show I will not get any refund (no exceptions). I understand the artist, convention, and convention center are not to fault if I have an adverse or allergic reaction to any products, fabrics, etc.  used on, or around me. I understand that I, nor any associated party to me, cannot take any legal action against any parties stated above if an adverse reaction does arise. 

Selecting "I've read and accept the plan policy" acts as a legally binding document to all the information stated within and I agree to this.

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